MortarCapture™ Products

MortarCapture™ is engineered to provide a defined, continuous drainage plane allowing for airflow and drainage of moisture within the wall assembly to the weep holes.  MortarCapture is offered in roll form, of varying widths and heights to meet the specific full wall requirements for the stucco, stone, masonry, and other cladding industries.  MortarCapture is a specifically manufactured material of textured, nonwoven design using 100% recycled polyester fibers and water based resins.  The material’s openness allows water to drain yet offering unequaled rigidity and strength. MortarCapture™ products are offered in the 3 thicknesses, for .5” (.50), 1” (1.0), and 2” (2.0”) applications.

MortarCapture™ products are offered for .5″, 1″, and 2″ applications.

  • MortarCapture – .50
  • MortarCapture – 1.0
  • MortarCapture – 2.0

MortarCapture™ product features include:

  • Constructed of durable 100% recycled properties, creating a space for airflow and drainage of moisture to the weep holes
  • Rugged material properties, unmatched in the industry prevents product collapse thus assuring maximum blockage and suspension of mortar droppings
  • Open material design permits unrestricted passage of moisture through the open material design allowing moisture to rapidly exit the wall
  • Promotes positive airflow ventilation accelerating the drying process of the interior wall cavity
  • Ideal solution for continuous full-height wall coverage; as well as all cavity flashing locations
  • Fast and simple installation. Ease of transport, handling, and cutting. Manageable material compression allowing for use in on-site cavity variance 
  • Available in 28” and 56” heights   (other heights available upon request)

For information on product data & packaging, details & renderings, and for all product downloads see the below links.

Contact us today to see how MortarCapture™ products and South Atlantic Masonry have you covered. 

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