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Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is a service that we provide that is the process of coating your steel with a thin layer of zinc that will help your project withstand the elements. It makes it corrosion-resistant and helps ensure the longevity of any construction project. 

Why zinc? Because this alloy creates barriers between steel and even the most rugged environment. The coating has a bond strength of around 3,600 psi, the zinc is also very abrasion-resistant. 

We carefully craft your product through the entire galvanizing process, guiding it through surface preparation, galvanizing, and an intense inspection. 

Did you know that improper surface preparation is often the main cause of coating failures? This is why we believe the surface preparation is the most important step in the application of any coating. 

That’s why we see the importance of doing the job right the first time. Every time. 

We Are the Leading Experts in Galvanizing

We understand how important these steps are to the success and future of your product. When you have deadlines, you don’t need costly delays: You need the job done right the first time, easily delivered and a quality product that will last.

See how we go the extra mile by contacting us for an estimate today. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. 

We don’t let anything leave our company until we are sure it is of the highest quality. You can rest assured your clients are getting exactly what they need in a manner that will enable you to take pride in your project. Just another way that we’ve got you covered.

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*Life-Cycle Cost Calculator provided by the American Galvanizers Association.