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Technical Specifications

Below are selected specifications for Hot-Dip Galvanizing

ASTM-A123 Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) coatings on iron and steel products.

ASTM-A143 Practice for safeguarding against embrittlement of Hot-Dip galvanized structural steel products and procedures for detecting embrittlement.

ASTM-A153 Specification for Zinc coating(Hot-Dip) on iron and steel hardware.

ASTM-A384 Practice for safeguarding against warpage and distortion during Hot-Dip
Galvanizing of steel assemblies.

ASTM-A385 Practice for providing high quality Zinc coatings (Hot-Dip).

ASTM-A767 Specification for Zinc Coated (galvanized) steel bars for concrete reinforcing.

ASTM-A780 Practice for repair of damage and uncoated areas of Hot-Dip Galvanized coatings.

ASTM-D6386 Practice for preparation of zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) coated iron and steel product
and hardware surfaces for painting.


NOTE: Actual ASTM Standards can be purchased and downloaded here

For your convenience, you can download a PDF of these selected specifications for Hot-Dip Galvanizing here.