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Bridge and Highway / Transportation 

For decades, we have supported every facet of the transportation industry by going the extra mile with our zinc-coated rebar products that are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Our portfolio includes extensive work on bridges, guardrails, transportation hubs, road signage, railroads and other infrastructures.  Even more importantly, the durability of our galvanized rebar and other products means they are designed to withstand extensive stress, ensuring your structure will stand the test of time. 

Building and Architecture

The strength of our industrial hot-dip galvanized/ hdg steel has been a hallmark of the building industry, providing unequalled support and protection. Our corrosion-resistant reinforcing products have been used in offices, apartment complexes, sports centers and framing. We also protect façade pieces, handrails and canopies to withstand the elements.

We offer a wide scope of products including: galvanized rebar, galvanized steel bars, zinc coating and others. 

Every day, industrial companies expose steel and metal to extreme environments throughout processing, and our products provide unyielding support whether used to create an offshore oil platform or maintenance-free grating. Our hot-dip galvanized steel helps various companies including those in the chemical, oil, pulp and paper industries. 

No matter what industry, we’ve got you covered.

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