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Why Choose Air-Wiped Reinforcing Bar?


Air-wiped rebar is unsurpassed in workability. It can be cold-worked with minimal cracking and flaking, allowing fabrication after galvanizing.


Bars can be tagged and put in master bundles right in your shop. This means no more mixed or lost materials needing days of sorting after your galvanizing job. You can provide fast turnaround on rush orders, and quote jobs with confidence knowing your true standard cost per foot.


Eliminates work site delay thanks to the superior finish of our exclusive Air-wiping process. Our smooth and uniform bars require no special handling—they install like black bar.

South Atlantic is the ONLY galvanizer that supplies air-wiped bendable reinforcing bar that meets ASTM 1094, 123 and 767.

Why is this such an important product for your latest project? Following are a few things to keep in mind.


South Atlantic’s Air-wiped bar can be handled without the danger of razor-sharp spikes that ordinary drip-processed bar may display.


Air-wiped rebar is a highly durable hot-dip galvanized rebar that is unsurpassed in smoothness and stands up to rough handling.


All stock South Atlantic rebar is grade 60. Mill and galvanizing certifications are available on request. The coating conforms to A767. Common sizes are in stock for immediate delivery.

At South Atlantic, we’re always seeking better ways to innovate in order to make your job easier. Let us take the headache out of ordering and give you the peace of mind you need, knowing you have a high-quality product.

Contact us today and ask about how our Air-wiped bar has got you covered.