The Quick Guide to Galvanized Rebar

At South Atlantic, we are proud to provide hot-dip galvanizing services and to have a fully stocked inventory of our own galvanized materials. But, what is galvanized rebar and why should you use it for your construction projects? 

Here are the answers to seven common questions about galvanized rebar to explain what it is and how it works.

1. What is galvanized rebar?

Galvanized rebar is the new material that results after steel rods or wires are hot-dipped into zinc to create a protective coating. This coating protects the steel itself from the elements, making it stronger and more resistant to erosion.

Though the use of zinc in construction dates back to the first century, galvanized materials rose to popularity in the mid 1800s. They have only continued to expand in usage with every passing decade.

2. Are there other galvanized materials?

Yes, there are other galvanized materials. Most steel construction materials can be hot-dip galvanized. This includes beams, mesh wiring, nails, bolts, screws, and other binding building materials.

3. What projects use galvanized rebar?

Galvanized rebar is a popular choice for building transportation infrastructure. This is because galvanizing rebar makes it one of the strongest and most corrosion-resistant options available. It will stand the test of the decades and hold up in harsh conditions. This also makes it a great choice for work on monuments, museums, and government buildings.

Due to its shiny coating, galvanized rebar is a popular choice for projects where the durability and the aesthetic are of equal importance. Its rust-resistance guarantees the beauty of your build will remain years after its completion.

4. How does galvanized rebar compare to epoxy-coated rebar?

Epoxy-coated rebar was a popular coated steel option before galvanized materials grew in popularity in the US. Epoxy was originally chosen to coat steel as it was rust-resistant and provided some protection from the outside elements. But, the epoxy coated rebar proved to be fragile. Its fragility allowed for water to leak through to the steel and cause catastrophic corrosion.

Galvanized rebar proved to be more up to the task. Not only does its tough coating sustain bumps and scratches with little to no compromise, but it is also able to self-heal. The self-healing properties of the zinc coating make it even stronger where there is a scratch or dent. When water hits it, it actively resists the corrosion.

5. How long can galvanized rebar last before it needs to be replaced or repaired?

Galvanized steel has a decades-long lifespan. Often the projects that use it need repairs or upgrades before the rebar itself needs attention. When the rebar is re-exposed, it’s like new, even decades later. At times, the protective coating can even become harder because of the self-healing, chemical reaction.

6. What is the cost of galvanized rebar?

Galvanized rebar is a competitive option for protected construction materials. The zinc used to hot-dip galvanize the rebar maintains a consistent price. The galvanizing process itself wastes no materials. 

Even more important is the amount of money saved by using a more durable material. Time waiting for broken pieces costs money. Time spent handling fragile materials with extra care also costs money. Most of all, a poorly executed project can cause the loss of future projects. Galvanized rebar is a material you can count on when you need a project done right the first time.

7. How do I order or purchase galvanized rebar?

When ordering galvanized rebar for your upcoming project, it is important to work with a company that has experience and integrity. At South Atlantic, we have worked with galvanized materials for over 50 years. That means we are experts at helping our customers figure out exactly how much material they will need for their project, so they get the best price without surprise, additional costs.

After working with builders and contractors on so many projects, we can make recommendations and work with you. And if you already purchased materials, we can hot-dip galvanize them for you.

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