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Masonry Products

When you’re on a tight timeline, you need quality hot-dip galvanized products delivered faster and more competitively than other suppliers.

That’s where we’ve got you covered.

We keep a large inventory of products to ensure that customer orders are filled and shipped quickly. If we don’t have stock in what you need, we can get it within a couple of days.

Introducing Our Extensive Variety of Masonry Products

Anchor Bolts

Multiple Anchor Bolt sizes available Plain or Hot-Dip Galvanized.

Angle Iron Covers

Flexible PVC Angle Iron Covers for 3″ or 3-1/2″ angle.

Angle Iron Lintels

Galvanized, primed, or bare angle lintels made from U.S. produced steel.

Eave Lintels

Angle lintels with stops welded to support brick veneer along roof lines.

Fireplace Products

Dampers and Controls, Clean Out Doors and Ash Dumps – most popular and commonly-used designs.

Galvanized Nails

11 Gauge hot-dip galvanized roofing nails in 1-1/2″ & 2-1/2″ lengths. 6D and 8D HDG, common nails in smooth or ring shank.

Ladder Wire

Common sizes of ladder wire to for securing walls from 1 3/8” up to 12”.

Lag Screws

3/8 x 3″ Hot-Dip Galvanized Hex Head Lag Screws.

Metal Lath

27″ x 96″ Diamond mesh metal lath in flat, self furring, or paper-backed.

MortarHalt™ Product Line

MortarHalt products will eliminate trapped moisture in masonry wall cavities.

Roll-formed Brick Lintels

3-1/2 x 3 x 14 gauge or 10 gauge roll formed brick lintels manufactured from U.S. produced steel.

Wall Ties

22 & 28 Gauge corrugated wall ties made in the U.S.A., with U.S. produced steel.

Waterproof Flashing

Vinyl and composite flashing in 12”, 16” and 18” widths.  Available as standard or peel-in-stick.
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