MortarHalt™ Soft Cell Weep Vents

MortarHalt™ Soft Cell Weep Vents for masonry cavity walls ensure moisture drainage out and air circulation within the cavity wall while also restricting insects and other debris from entering the building cavity. Weep Vents should be installed in the masonry head joints above all flashing courses including the base of the wall, above all window and door lintels, and above shelf angles.

MortarHalt™ Soft Cell Weep Vents are composed of a specifically textured, nonwoven material design using 100% recycled polyester fibers (PET) and water based resins (70% overall recycled content).  The open, yet slightly compressible material offers unmatched density allowing it to completely fill the weep opening.

Grey Standard (.50" thick x 3.5” wide x 2.625 tall)125 cell weeps per box / 100 boxes per pallet
Additional sizes availableBox Weight: 10lbs/box

MortarHalt™ Soft Cell Weep Vents features and benefits include:

  • Polyester Filter Mesh – Provides greater ventilation and drainage than traditional rope wicks.  The material is UV stable and will not rot, oxidize, support fungus or mold, or react with common building materials.
  • Product Density – Provides greater insect and debris restriction overall industry filter media products as well as traditional cell vents.  The product’s density allows for a complete fill of the weep hole.  Provides a cleaner finishing look to a building’s design over other industry products.
  • Mason Friendly – The firmness, yet slight compressibility of the material offers enhanced handling and placement ease for masons.
  • Cost-Effective – Cost savings over traditional cellular weep vents and competitively priced against other industry-offered filter media weep vents.

MortarHalt™ Soft Cell Weep Vents are a component of a complete line of mortar deflecting and moisture control products from MortarHalt®Innovations [link to MortarHalt Products page].

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